Flood Insurance in Louisiana is Essential for Property Owners

Did you know that your homeowners policy does not automatically cover flood damage? Since Southeast Louisiana is no stranger to harsh weather, homeowners must understand how to ensure their homes are covered for damage caused by frequent storms. Flood insurance is essential to protecting your home and personal property, yet it is often misunderstood.

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

In Louisiana, storms have had a serious impact on our clients from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Hammond, to St. Tammany. The first floor of our Financial Assurance office was destroyed by water during Hurricane Katrina.

As storms rage in from the Gulf, they bring hail, heavy wind and rising waters, leading to broken windows, ruined floors, ravaged roofs and destroyed personal property. Just a small amount of water, a few inches, is enough to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Private flood insurance can be purchased or added on to your homeowners policy if you live in a low to moderate flood risk zone. Where flood insurance is not available from private companies, it can still be purchased from the National Flood Insurance Program—a federal program designed to help property owners protect themselves from the devastating financial impact of floods.

Do I Still Need Flood Insurance Even if I’m Not in a Flood Risk Zone?

It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security if you don’t live in a flood risk zone, but the reality is that anyone anywhere can be the victim of a broken water pipe. Many areas that aren’t obvious candidates for flooding may still be prone to flash flooding that could do enough damage to wipe out a few months’ worth of savings.

Financial Assurance can help you understand how flood insurance works and make sure that you are properly covered. In Southeast Louisiana, flood insurance is one of the most important types of coverage for property owners and even renters. Contact us today to find out more.

Does your Homeowners Policy Include Hail & Wind Damage?

Man holding golf-ball sized hailstones in his hand

Will your homeowners policy protect you from out-of-pocket expenses related to hail damage?

Roofs, siding, windows and exterior appliances can all incur damage from a hailstorm. Even penny-sized hail is large enough to do a significant amount of damage. It’s important to understand exactly what your homeowners insurance policy covers and identify if there are gaps in your hail and wind coverage.

If you’re unsure what your current policy covers and wish to have our experienced team provide an analysis and make recommendations based on your risk, please contact us today!

To Prepare for a Tornado or Windstorm: Close and lock windows and secure storm shutters or use pieces of pre-measured, cut plywood to protect exposed glass window panes. Most wind-related damage is caused by flying objects, so bring outdoor furniture, toys, waste receptacles, pots and gardening tools inside. Shut your garage door.