Boat, RV, and Motorcycle Insurance in Louisiana

Boats, campers, RVs and motorcycles are part of life in Louisiana. Financial Assurance can help you protect all of your recreational vehicles as a vital part of your total insurance package

Louisiana Boat Insurance

Boating and other water sports are a way of life on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Why worry when you are out relaxing with friends and family? Let Financial Assurance shop around for the best boat insurance policy for your needs. We can find coverage for every kind of boat, multiple boats and any other watercraft. With access to so many insurance companies and so many policies, you’ll be sure to be covered when your boat is on the water, on the trailer and even in storage.

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is not mandated by the State of Louisiana, however, lenders and marinas will typically require some amount of property coverage to protect themselves. Minimum coverage for damage to a boat or dock is just the starting point. Boating, especially in high speed watercraft, has many risks associated with it. Thousands of people throughout the United States are injured or even killed in boating accidents each year.

According to 2013 Recreational Boating Statistics, in Louisiana there were 96 accidents, 15 of which resulted in fatalities. So what other coverages should you consider to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow boat operators?

  • Watercraft Liability – Helps cover expenses incurred as a result of an accident you were responsible for.
  • Medical Payments – Helps pay for some medical expenses in the event you or your passengers are injured.
  • Uninsured Boaters Coverage – Similar to uninsured motorists coverage, this helps pay in the event you’re in an accident caused by another boater that is not carrying insurance.
  • Towing – Towing your watercraft across a body of water to safety.
  • Cruising Extension – Temporary additional coverage in the event you will be leaving US waters (most commonly applied to Mexico or the Bahamas).

What Kind of Watercraft Can be Insured?

If it floats, it can be insured. There are policies for:

  • Boats (vessels 26 feet long or less)
  • Personal watercraft (PWC), jet skis
  • Yachts (vessels 27 feet and longer)
  • Sailboats
  • Dinghies

Boat Insurance Discounts in Louisiana

Financial Assurance insurance agents are dedicated to helping you find all the discounts you may qualify for. Boat insurance discounts can often be obtained if your boating is restricted seasonally and you store your watercraft over the winter months. You may also obtain a discount if you’ve completed a boater safety course and if you have a clean driving record. In addition, bundling your boat policy with other toys, or your homeowners or auto policies may help you save.

Motorcycle Insurance in New Orleans, LA

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling; motorcycle insurance is not. Yet as a motorcycle owner and operator, you need protection from a wide range of potential property, liability and injury risks. That’s why Financial Assurance does the work for you—searching various insurance companies and products to find the one that is just right for you and your motorcycle.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required? All motorized vehicles operating on public roadways must carry insurance, including motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and motorized scooters such as mopeds.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Several factors contribute in determining an individual’s motorcycle insurance premium. A Financial Assurance independent agent will be able to assess the factors unique to you to generate an accurate quote. The following factors are generally considered:

  • Your age, driving and claims record – A slightly more mature individual (over 25 years old) with a clean driving record and no insurance claims in the past will usually be able to obtain a lower rate.
  • The type of bike you own – Operating a high performance,  high speed bike places you in a higher risk category. Rates will typically be lower on a touring bike or a cruiser.
  • How much you ride – If you’re a seasonal rider, you may be able to reduce portions of your coverage, such as collision or comprehensive coverage during the months when your bike is in storage.
  • The amount of coverage you need/want and your deductible – More coverage will increase your rate as will opting for a lower deductible.
  • If you qualify for discounts – Belonging to a motorcycle association, completing a motorcycle safety course, insuring multiple bikes, or bundling your homeowners and auto insurance policies could qualify you for additional discounts that could bring your rate down.

Insuring Your Motorhome or Camper in Louisiana

As motorized vehicles, recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and campers are required to be insured on the roadways of Louisiana. As a “home on wheels” motorhomes require certain coverages similar to auto insurance policies and also some that resemble homeowners policies. Recreational vehicle policies typically include some or all of the following types of coverages:

  • Personal Property Protection for all the valuable items in your RV such as your TV, jewelry, clothing, and computer or tablet.
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability in the event you are responsible damage to property or another person.
  • Uninsured/Under-insured Motorists Coverage to protect you if the at-fault party in an accident isn’t carrying enough insurance or is carrying no insurance.
  • Medical Payments Coverage can be used regardless of who is at fault and specifically covers the cost of medical treatment required as a result of an accident.
  • Comprehensive and Collision covers the cost (market value, agreed value or total loss replacement) to repair or replace your vehicle (not the contents inside) in the event it is damaged or totaled as the result of a collision or other event such as fire, theft or vandalism.

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