Homeowners Insurance – Metairie LA

Did you know that protections for the structure of your home and the possessions inside are different? Make sure your policy protects not just the structure of your home, but also your personal property inside—including valuables and hard-to-replace items which may require additional coverage.

Did you know you’re responsible if someone gets injured on your property? Be sure that your homeowners policy provides the right amount of personal liability coverage, in case anyone is ever injured on your property and you are sued.

At Financial Assurance, we work with many insurance companies so that we can be sure to get the right policy for every one of our clients. We are proud to help residents of Southeast Louisiana find the necessary homeowners insurance including Metairie, LA; New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Hammond, LA; and St. Tammany Parish.

Post-Hurricane Katrina Homeowners Insurance

Damaged home as a result of Hurricane Katrina

A home near the 17th St. Canal damaged after Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding. Would your homeowners insurance cover this?

Hurricane Katrina left a lot of damage and destruction in her wake. And while much cleanup and restoration has been completed, there are lasting challenges to insuring homes in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region even today.

Insurance companies paid out around $11 billion to Louisiana residents in the two years following Hurricane Katrina, but for thousands of individuals, the payments were too little, too late or both. Even if you worked with a cooperative insurance company or didn’t face serious damage to your home, chances are you’re now facing dramatically increased insurance premiums that may even make it difficult to maintain your current residence.

Many insurance companies have even been refusing to write homeowners and landlords policies in Southeast Louisiana since the storms—making it very difficult for homeowners and real estate investors to protect their assets.

Don’t Get Caught! Why Replacement Cost Coverage is So Important

Does your homeowners policy include “replacement cost” coverage or “actual cash value”? This is a really important question, so you might want to go get your policy now and verify. If your policy only includes “actual cash value,” as most basic homeowners policies do, get in touch with us today so we can help you get coverage that will actually help  you in the event your home is severely damaged or destroyed.

Actual cash value will only reimburse you for the actual cash value of homes and personal property lost in a catastrophe. This means that you will only be covered for the purchase price of the home or item, less depreciation.

Your homeowners policy should cover you for the replacement cost value of your home and all of its contents. This means that you will be reimbursed for the cost to rebuild your home at today’s prices, as well as today’s value for all of your personal property.

Contact us today to discuss the importance of replacement cost coverage.

The Value of an Independent Homeowners Insurance Agent

Homeowners insurance policy holders in our area had a wide range of experiences with different insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding took place.

  • Was your insurance company reluctant to pay your homeowners claim after Hurricane Katrina? Did you have to go up against a big name insurance company on your own, spending hours being shuttled through automated phone trees and waiting on hold?
  • Did you have to spend hours making sure the “i”s were dotted and “t”s crossed on your forms and paperwork to try to avoid costly delays?
  • Did your homeowners insurance rate rise dramatically following the storms?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’re not alone.

Don’t waste your time working with a remote agent or insurance company that doesn’t understand the unique challenges of Louisiana property insurance in a “post-Katrina” world. Our local agents live here, work here and have access to property insurance that you might not think is available. We can make sure that you get the best policy at the best price, by considering all possible discounts, including multi-policy discounts.

After the storm, we’re by your side making sure you understand the coverages you can count on, facilitating claims and paperwork on your behalf, and running interference on any resistance or run-around that you may be experiencing.

Historic Homes Need Special Coverage

Where historic homes and equally historic storms collide, the right insurance is essential. We have experience with the unique needs of historic homeowners, and we also know the Louisiana insurance market better than most. Don’t trust your historic Louisiana home to anyone else.