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Any business that manufactures a product needs manufacturers insurance to prevent losses due to faulty equipment, worker injuries, business interruption and all kinds of common—and not so common—problems that can occur.

Manufacturers in Louisiana Need Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is essential for Louisiana manufacturers. If your company makes, supplies, sells or distributes a faulty product and injuries result, you could be faced with costly legal battles and unrecoverable losses. While no company wants their product to cause harm, the right product liability coverage can cover you if these situations do arise.

Manufacturers in Louisiana Need Business Interruption Insurance

Louisiana residents are no stranger to extreme weather and extreme devastation. Our own Metairie offices were heavily damaged after hurricane Katrina, and everything came to a standstill—not only for us but for businesses throughout the region. We were able to recover. Could you recover if it happened again?

Business interruption insurance is essential for any business, and even more for businesses along the Gulf Coast where hurricanes, tornadoes and all kinds of severe weather are common. If your business is unable to operate for a period of time due to a disaster, business interruption insurance will cover lost revenue, employee wages and more, so that you can rebuild and stay in business.

In addition to various types of specialty manufacturers insurance, Financial Assurance can help you build a comprehensive business insurance portfolio. Ask us about:

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