Protect Your Business from Lawsuits with Business Liability Insurance

Lawsuits have become part of doing business these days. Business owners are at risk for lawsuits stemming from dissatisfied clients, negligence, errors and omissions, contract disputes, injury or property damage.

Even if the allegations against you are completely unfounded, just defending yourself will cost a great deal in legal fees. And if you are found to be liable and forced to pay damages, your entire business could be on the line.

Business liability insurance protects you from liability claims. Financial Assurance helps businesses of all sizes and across all industries find the policies that offer the right coverage for their business and the exposures they face.

Obtain Broad Coverage with General Liability Insurance in Louisiana

General liability insurance is essential for any business looking to curb losses and protect against certain risks. General liability insurance protects your business against third party claims as a result of injury or property damage, as well as paying for legal defense costs and a settlement if you are sued.

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Do you have enough liability coverage to protect you in the event of a lawsuit?

General liability insurance offers broad coverage for various types of liability situations. It might even cover claims against you for false advertising if your product or service does not deliver promised results.

Investing in and maintaining general liability coverage is a wise and prudent choice for all kinds of businesses.

Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Do you own a business that provides a professional service? Professional service providers, including accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors need professional liability insurance. This protects your business assets from claims stemming from advice, expertise or professional services that you provide.

As a professional in your field, you are expected to have extensive knowledge or training and to perform or provide services as promised. If in the act of performing professional services you provide erroneous information or fail to provide certain information, and a client is harmed as a result, you can be sued for damages.

Your customers may sue you if they feel they have lost money or have otherwise been harmed due to your negligence, error or omission. Professional liability insurance protects you in these instances.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance and Do You Need It?

Cyber liability insurance provides coverage for liabilities that results from the unauthorized use, or access to, electronic data within your business’s network. It also provides coverage for liability claims stemming from spreading a virus or malicious code, computer theft, extortion or any unintentional act, mistake, error, or omission made by your employees. Data typically encompasses materials such as customer lists, books, records, receipts, tax documents, intellectual property and trade secrets.

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Protect your business with professional cyber liability insurance.

Cyber liability coverage fills the gap between a typical business insurance policy that covers only tangible assets and electronic data, which is considered intangible.

Because most business communication now takes place over email, and with the proliferation of social media, the risk of loss and damage to your own business or someone else’s is limitless, and the need for cyber liability protection insurance has grown.

Cyber liability insurance can be tailored around your business and the types of electronic data it uses and has access to. We can work with numerous insurance companies to find the best policy to fit the needs of your business.

Contact Financial Assurance for Louisiana Business Liability Insurance

Hopefully you’re convinced that you and your business need some form of liability protection. Contact us today so we can help you further understand your liability needs based on your risk exposure. We’ll then provide you a quote after shopping around from multiple insurance companies, and of course, answer all your questions about commercial insurance and business liability coverage.

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