Financial Assurance is Your Source for Contractors Insurance

Louisiana is home to a wide range of companies that need contractors insurance. Running one of these businesses exposes you to risk every day, especially if your business is involved in construction projects, uses heavy equipment, operates on the water, or is involved in oil and gas exploration and drilling.

Contractors Insurance Protects Your Business, Your Assets and Your People

Because of the physical nature of your business, there is a possibility of injury or property damage every time you work on a project. The opportunity for something to go wrong is everywhere, with heavy equipment being used and multiple employees doing various physically demanding jobs.

Financial Assurance will work closely with you to understand your risks and fine-tune your coverage to protect you from claims resulting from injuries, property damage, equipment malfunction and damage, unsatisfactory work and much more. From our offices in Metairie, our independent agents serve contractors from all over Southeast Louisiana.

And remember, we specialize in quick turnaround on contractors bonds to help you secure more business.

Garage Insurance for Auto Shops

Garages present many exposures for damage to customer’s vehicles and injury to employees—all of which can cost you a fortune. We have access to a variety of insurance companies and can find you the best garage insurance for your needs.

Marine Insurance Protects Your Maritime Business

Marine businesses are exposed to numerous risks inherent to operating on and around the water, including working in non-stationary vehicles, and employing many people in dangerous conditions. Whether you build or repair docks on the gulf, or retrofit large shipping vessels out on the water, we can find a policy to protect your specific business risks. We specialize in Louisiana contractors insurance, which means we know and understand the unique risks you face and have access to insurance companies and policies specifically for your type of business. Only a local, Louisiana based agency can truly understand how your business works, the risks you face, and the coverage you need to protect your business and your employees.

Oil and Gas Contractors Coverage

Operating large equipment, well maintenance, large numbers of employees, government regulations and many more risks and obstacles face oil and gas contractors on the Gulf Coast. As local independent agents, we have worked with these companies and have witnessed the perils they face first-hand. We understand the type of coverage they need, and have access to the right companies and the policies to protect them.

In addition to various types of specialty contractors insurance, Financial Assurance can help you build a comprehensive business insurance portfolio. Ask us about:

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