In 1997, when I purchased the family business; my father gave me some advice: The three most important people in your business life are your lawyer, your banker, and your insurance agent. Mark Fruchtnicht and Financial Assurance have been by my side since day 1. Thanks for the advice, dad!

Timothy Fitzpatrick, owner
Christmas Depot/Floral Enterprises
Kenner, LA

In 1981 my Father and I had started a small Fitness equipment sales company in Beaumont Texas called Fitness Expo. Somewhere around 1984 we expanded to the New Orleans area and we’re in need of a local insurance agent that could take care of all of our needs both for the moment and as we expanded. Mark Fruchtnicht provided us with all of the necessary coverage’s we needed at the time and made sure that we were adequately covered as we grew. Today over 30 years later Mark and his team at Financial Assurance provides all of our coverage personally and throughout our company locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Mark and his team stay on top of our account and give us outstanding service, not only when there is a problem, but also when there are smooth seas. I would recommend Financial Assurance strongly to anyone. It’s not easy to be impressed with any company for over 30 years. I’m here to tell you that out of all the changes we have had to make with Vendors, Attorneys, and many other professionals over the years, our insurance needs have stayed in the capable hands of Mark Fruchtnicht because he knows what it takes to keep a customer happy and protected.

Rodney Rice Jr., President
Fitness Expo
Metairie, LA

My company has been doing business with Financial Assurance for over 25 years. Mark and his staff have been exceptional in adapting to our needs as our company has grown over the years. They service our account throughout the year, not just at renewal time. After Hurricane Katrina, I heard horror stories from business associates that their insurance agents were nowhere to be found. Mark and Leslye reached out to me before I even had a chance to call them. They were with me until all my claims were paid. I would recommend Financial Assurance to any business.

George Messina
Messina’s Catering
Kenner, LA

About 40 years ago we were searching for an insurance agent that could meet all of our insurance needs. We needed more than just business, home, auto, flood, property and boat insurance. We needed an advisor.

We found what we were looking for, when an associate introduced us to the Fruchtnicht family, which has ultimately grown and developed into Financial Assurance, LLC.

There are three things we like best about Financial Assurance:

  • They are trustworthy and offer competently trained sales representatives
  • They meet all our insurance needs with reasonable prices
  • They assist us with our claims with promptness and efficiency, especially after Katrina

Gaynell Crespo
General Manager
Precise Printing Corp.
Kenner, LA

For over a decade Financial Assurance, LLC has handled our business and personal insurance. Their capable staff is efficient and provide us dependable, quality service. Mark Fruchtnicht and Leslye Blanchard communicate well with us and are very sensitive to our changing needs. Should a claim or other problem arise the agency addresses it immediately and makes every effort to bring the issue to a satisfactory conclusion. It is a pleasure doing business with people so dedicated and conscientious.

Norman T. Joseph, president
Ideal Appliance Parts, Inc.

Mark Fruchtnicht has been our business and personal insurance provider for over 30 years. Our relationship with Mark and his team has continued for this great length of time because they continue to earn our business each and every day. In the last several years we have had a variety of claims filed, hurricanes and floods to name a few. Financial Assurance was a constant source of support to help us navigate through these stressful and difficult times. Additionally, the insurance policies that we have purchased over the years have been tested. In the insurance industry, most people don’t know what they’ve purchased until catastrophe strikes. Through our experience with Mark and Financial Assurance, we also learned a valuable lesson; that is, the reputation that is held by the agent can go a long way to helping resolve claim disputes when a disaster strikes and the damages are substantial. I am confident that having Mark as our agent helped expedite our claims in a manner that was much more efficient than otherwise would have been.

The day to day servicing that occurs on our account by Leslye Blanchard is remarkable. Even more valuable is her ability to not just respond to our needs, but rather, to anticipate our needs as well. We have many properties that we own and she is always considering the insurance exposures, filling in gaps and determining values. She thinks it through. That level of service is fostered throughout the organization by Mark. He truly encourages the approach of continually assessing our potential exposures as it relates to our businesses and bringing it to our attention in an appropriate manner. He provides invaluable advice to us regarding weighing the risk and exposure against the costs associated with it in each of our areas of business. Some insurance agencies take the “once a year annual review” approach and then there are those that wish to sell you the product of the month. We are pleased that Mark and his team offer neither. We are delighted that we have found such trusted advisors in the insurance industry.

Jimmy and Misty Strickland, owners
Strickland Enterprises, LLC
Hose Specialty and Supply